Legal name: Marion R Gilliam  Everybody just calls me Rusty
Born:  Scottsboro, Alabama 1952
Worked construction most of my life. Married 41 years to Diana
Two children Rusty Jr. & Lena DeVon
2 Grand children & 2 Great grand children.

My wife and I started a prison outreach ministry ten years ago called FOR HIS GLORY MINISTRIES. We turned this outreach into a church ministry in October 2004.
I have sung country and western music before and done very well. I have since turned my heart and life over to the LORD and started singing Southern Gospel or Country Gospel and Bluegrass. I live my life for the LORD. 
I lived in the street from the age of 13 until I joined the Marine Corps at 17. The Corp become my home. I met my wife after I was discharged and we made a home, started a family and have never looked back.

When I was in secular music I was a male vocalist of the year for 1994, 1995, and 1996 of independent artists in Nashville. I have done shows with various artists such as Ray Price, Little Jimmy Dickens, Helen Cornelious, John Connely, and many many more. I was on the road for over 20 years, i was the lead singer for The Diamonds for a while and toured with The Platters and Box Tops, in a rockin' oldie show. I recorded my first album in 1981, country and western, and recorded one more in 1990, in which i released a single sea of life in ten, which charted and went to number 19 on the independent charts listed in the entertainer magazine vol#26 in 1996 out of Nashville.

Since 1999 I have been a Christian. In 2004 my wife and I started a prison ministry in which we provide bibles and counseling. We have since started a church FOR HIS GLORY MINISTRIES. We don't take offerings, we let people give as they feel lead.

I have since recorded two gospel albums, FOR HIS GLORY VOL 1 and my latest: Country Gospel Gold in which 4 singles have been released, Wise Old Pilot, which charted on various charts up to #15, 2nd was He Knows The Way Home, which charted on various charts up to #10, third was House Of Gold which charted up to #10 and the last one is Angel Wings, which I wrote and it charted Nation Wide on Cash Box #36. God has truly blessed. All proceeds from any of my albums goes to the church for missionary purposes and church needs. Please join our ministry in prayer and help us reach the world with our music and ministry CDs.
Yours in the LORD,
Pastor Rusty Gilliam